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Postdoctoral Fellow Profile: Dr. V.J. Thomas, Beedie School of Business

March 25, 2014

How do businesses come up with new ideas? And why do the small ones seem better at it?

Dr. V.J. Thomas is exploring this question in order to develop ways to better support innovation within the emerging nanobiotechnology industry through his recently awarded MITACS Elevate Strategic Postdoctoral Fellowship. According to Dr. Thomas, research into this area could lead to a wide range of life-enhancing developments.

“There is a strong need to develop mechanisms to promote knowledge recombination in a systematic manner. For example biotechnology firms drew on knowledge from nanotechnology to design drugs at the nano-scale, leading to a new class of targeted drug delivery therapies targeting major diseases such as cancer.”

Dr. Thomas is working with Prof. Elicia Maine with SFU’s Beedie School of Business and CDRD Ventures Inc. This fellowship represents an extension of his long-term interest in studying the interface between technology and society.

“My research with Prof. Maine has already described the emergence and evolution of the global nanobiotechnology industry and my research at CDRD Ventures Inc. will provide them with guidelines for improving knowledge recombination capabilities and strengthening research alliances with partner organizations.”

Prior to his postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Thomas received the National Doctoral Fellowship (a fellowship offered to only a handful of management researchers each year across India) during his doctoral studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

His research has been published in Nature Nanotechnology and the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management.

To learn more about Dr. Thomas’s work:

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