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March 12, 2015

The Journal of Comparative Media Arts (CMA Journal) is an open-access, student-run peer-reviewed journal, taking up discussions and investigations within the creative, critical and cultural communities. Our goal is to publish the best of graduate, postgraduate and recent graduate essays and dissertations, presenting the pluralism of research within arts and culture and a forum for scholarly discourse. Engaging a transdisciplinary perspective, the CMA Journal encompasses contemporary concerns with a focus on visual arts and art history, cinema and moving-image studies, performance studies, and studies of computer-based arts. Promoting open-minded thinking the CMA Journal aims to generate a fruitful environment for critical, historical, and theoretical analysis across arts forms and practice. We welcome experimental and creative writing, works-in-progress, collaborations and lively debates that are critically engaged in the ever-shifting range and scope of the fields of critical and cultural studies. 
Deadline for submissions to Issue One has been extended.

We will be accepting submissions until March 31 2015, 23:59 PST . 

The discourse of failure, while commonly perceived as the antithesis of success, can be understood to engender experimentation and potentiality. Making mistakes becomes an important moment, necessary in the pursuit of progress and discovery. Failure obliges time to reflect on what has taken place; retracing steps in order to analyze, learn and understand outcomes; taking advantage of and recognizing the happy accidents. Within creative practices, error becomes the device for re-investigating, re-evaluating and re-making an event, a moment or a work to implement something different. Pop culture and cybernetic space is rife with memes of failure and reveals the provocative humour in our mistakes. By turning failure on its head, emergent and alternative paths open up to experience and possibility. The process of becoming calls for expanded perspectives and the assimilation of new knowledge. As scholar, artist, critic and keen observer, how might failure be transformed into a pretext to create? Is it possible to engage a perspective in which failure, and therefore the mistake or the error, might be seen as a fundamental moment in the creative and pedagogical process? When is being wrong right? How might a non-judgmental context be recognized as incentive to go beyond limitations and expectations of success? As we launch the first issue of the Journal of Comparative Media Arts, we are optimistic of a rousing success on the provocative theme of failure.

This is the Journal of Comparative Media Arts CFP for long papers, short papers, photo essays and artworks. The inaugural publication of the CMA Journal invites submissions that consider the theme of FAILURE . Every submission relevant to study of contemporary, forward-thinking investigations in visual culture and the arts will be reviewed and considered. 

Deadline for submissions has been extended. We will be accepting submissions until March 31 2015, 23:59 PST . SUBMISSION FORMAT 

All submissions need to be the full length version of the paper. Please submit via the online form: 

Submissions will be accepted until March 31 2015, 23:59 PST. Accepted submission will be published online May 2015. 
QUESTIONS? Contact the Editorial Committee via email: , or through our online contact form. 

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