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Engaging Your Audience: Knowledge Translation Series

May 22, 2015

Back by popular demand!! New session dates announced! 

Are you planning to present at a spring or fall conference? These workshops will help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows make a lasting impression. This series will focus on developing:

  • An appreciation for writing and presenting to diverse audiences
  • An increased understanding of what constitutes engaging text and presentations
  • Increased confidence in discussing your research topic to a range of audience

Registration required. Please register for each session using myInvolvement

Writing in Lay Language
Thursday, June 4, 10 am–12 noon

Join Renee McCallum, an expert in writing and communications from the Student Learning Commons, as she demystifies the process of translating your academic research into lay language. Lay language is needed in order to convey technical and advanced ideas in ways that are more effective than “dumbing it down”.

You may be preparing a grant or fellowship proposal, writing for online purposes or fine tuning your “job talk”— all of which require you to translate your work and research to persons outside of your core field of study. Whether you are aiming for careers within academia or outside, the ability to convey your ideas to a diverse audience is an essential skill that will help you get noticed.

All registrants should bring with them a piece of writing that they would like to begin writing in lay language. This could be a current work in progress or previous writing that can help to inform your future writing.

Register using myInvolvement

Finding the Story in Your Research
Tuesday, June 23, 1:30pm-3:30pm

Can you communicate your research in a way that inspires your listeners?

Getting people to understand and be excited about your research can make potential employers understand and get excited about having you on their team. But how do you go transform your communication style from descriptive to dazzling?  It starts by looking at your research from a very different kind of framework than most academics are used to: Storytelling.

In this session Jackie Amsden will help you identify and craft your research story so that the next time someone asks you what you do in a job interview or other professional context, you can answer them in a way that they will remember.

Please come to this session with some content that you have already developed. This could be a presentation or talk you've given previously or a new one you are preparing. Slides or other supplemental materials are not necessary.

Register using myInvolvement

Presentation Practice

These monthly drop-in sessions allow grad students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to practice their presentation skills in a low-stakes, friendly atmosphere. Join your fellow peers and APEX facilitators as you improve your confidence while learning to give and receive feedback and practicing in peer-to-peer groups. Join us on the following dates:

  • Thursday, April 23, 12 noon–1 pm
  • Wednesday, May 27, 12 noon–1 pm  
  • Wednesday, June 24, 12 noon–1 pm
  • Friday, July 24, 12 noon–1 pm
Location: Bennet Library, room 7200  Register using myInvolvement

Feel free to bring your lunch/snacks with you as this takes place over the lunch hour! 

Enhancing Your Presentation Skills
Tuesday, May 51:30–3:30 pm  (Stay tuned for new dates!) 

Join Sarah Louise Turner, a voice, acting and presentation skills coach from the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), as she helps you improve the performance aspect of your presentation. In a friendly setting you will learn about:

  • Voice production
  • Presentation stance and gestures
  • Rate of speech, using pauses, and confidence

Participants will take turns presenting in front of the group, receive friendly feedback from Sarah and the group, and then repeat sections of their presentation. It's a fun atmosphere where you can build your presentation confidence.

All registrants should be prepared to present something: this could be a presentation or talk you've given previously or a new one you are preparing. Slides or other supplemental materials are not necessary.

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