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Confronting Internships: A Forum on Reforming Unpaid Work

October 27, 2015

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A celebrating the publication of Interrogating Internships: Unpaid Work, Creative Industries, and Higher Education, a special issue of tripleC: Communication, Capitalism, and Critique. 

How can we change internships? Where do we draw the line with unpaid work? What kinds of associations are being formed by interns to protect themselves and advance their interests? What is the responsibility of universities toward students entering these kinds of labour arrangements? Is there a role for unions in organizing interns?

This forum draws together a range of participants with different perspectives on how internships should be transformed.


  • John Arthur (Canadian Intern Association)
  • Emily Fister (Green College, UBC/Tyee contributor)
  • Eric Glatt (Intern Labor Rights, Glatt vs. Fox Searchlight)
  • Nancy Johnston (Executive Director of Student Affairs, SFU)
  • Iain Reeve (Generation Squeeze)
  • Rachel Sanders (Canadian Media Guild)

Emily Fister (Green College, UBC/Tyee contributor)

When: Wednesday, November 4th, 7-9pm 
Where: Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 580 West Hastings St., Room 420 
Please register through Eventbrite.

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