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Show Me the Money!

October 05, 2015

Trying to land that next big fellowship?

Conveying your ideas to a multi-disciplinary audience and persuading a committee that your ideas deserve funding is a skill in and of itself.

Check out these three new APEX sessions aimed to help grad students and postdocs understand the subtle differences in how you convey your ideas to a funding council, giving you tips and strategies to help you land that coveted fellowship or award.

Persuasive Writing for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Join Mike Sjoersdma, senior lecturer in the School of Engineering Science, as well as Mitacs technical writing expert, as he explores the differences between writing journal articles and writing effective grant proposals. Working together, you will have the opportunity to peer evaluate other proposal applications and apply techniques for writing persuasively to a multi-disciplinary audience. Please bring your in-progress proposal to the seminar for peer feedback.

  • Friday, October 9, from 10am-12pm @ Burnaby campus
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Persuasive Writing for Social Sciences & Humanities

Join Lisa Poole and Megan Robertson from the Student Learning Commons as they review some of the basic elements of proposal writing. Participants will have the opportunity to revise their proposals, and reflect on how proposal writing fits, and differs from, other types of graduate writing. Participants should review the guidelines for the particular Tri-Council fellowship or other award they are applying for and bring their in-progress proposals and any other supporting material they would like to work on.

  • Thursday, October 15, from 2-4pm @ Burnaby Campus
    Register using myInvolvement.

Proposal Writing Cafe  

The Proposal Writing Café is an opportunity to learn how other grad students and postdocs before you succeeded in being funded. Listen to your peers from various disciplines describe the approaches and strategies they used, and how that translated into a positive outcome. You’ll also hear from a few special guests, including Sarah Mark, Grant Facilitator from the Faculty of Education, as she outlines some of the best practices in writing a successful grant proposal.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 21,  from 10am-12pm @ Burnaby campus
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