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Chenyang Zhu, PhD, Computer Science

November 02, 2015

For Chenyang Zhu, coming to SFU has been a dream come true.

Zhu is a Computing Science PhD student and a recipient of the SFU-China Scholarship Council scholarship, part of an agreement signed by SFU President Petter in July 2011. Zhu completed a master’s degree in computing science at the National University of Defense Technology in ChangshaHunan Province, one of the top universities in China and a leading institute in China's supercomputer development.

Under the supervision of Hao (Richard) Zhang, Zhu's doctoral research looks at computer graphics with a specific focus on geometry processing, shape analysis and deformation. 

“My supervisor, Richard Zhang, is very well known in the field of computer graphics and I had heard of him for many years. I was very excited when I finally got the chance to meet him and even more excited when I was granted the CSC scholarship and got this chance to join his research group.”

The experience, he explains has exceeded his hopes. “Last year, thanks to Richard's support, I participated in a SIGGRAPH Conference, which is the top conference in the computer graphics field. This experience encouraged me a lot. As well, our lab has a great research atmosphere and I learn a lot from the senior students.”

Outside of the lab, Zhu explains that one of his favorite parts of his PhD program is the opportunity to explore the local landscape.

“Vancouver is the most beautiful city I have ever been to. I went to Stanley Park last weekend and rode a bicycle around the coastline just for the sheer enjoyment. The only thing that is equal to that experience is the beautiful view on the top of Burnaby Mountain.”

For other students considering SFU as their graduate school destination, Zhu advises them to “be confident, brave and meticulous when composing their application.”

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