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Jiajie Zang, PhD, Mechatronic Systems Engineering

November 05, 2015

Jiajie Zang is gaining more than an education: he’s gaining a new way of seeing things.

 Zang is a PhD student at SFU’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering and a recipient of the SFU-China Scholarship Council scholarship, part of an agreement signed by SFU President Petter in July 2011. Zang completed a Master’s Degree in Radio Physics at Zhengzhou University, located in ZhengzhouHenan,

Zang explains that he was first interested in coming to SFU because of its world class reputation in his field of interest. “I wanted to come to Canada to learn from its cutting edge approaches and techniques in power electronics,” he says. Zang is currently studying under the supervision of Dr. Jason Wang.

Zang also admits that he was particularly excited to come to SFU after first glimpsing its Burnaby campus in one of his favorite sci-fi movies, Halo 4.

While Zang has enjoyed his first few months of classes, what has impressed him most has been the learning atmosphere. “There is such an opened minded climate. Students are encouraged to bring their own ideas to their work and even challenge their supervisor. This I think is the heart of creativity in the West and something I am very excited to be a part of.”

And when he's not studying, Zang notes that he feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the local landscape. “Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world. Because of the good ecological environment, people can see deer, squirrel and other animals frequently. This is a city full of humanity and love which makes visitors feel comfortable and convenient. As soon as I pull out a map someone will always stop and offer help.”

Zang encourages future Chinese Scholarship Council award recipients to not worry about making mistakes. “Don't be afraid to express yourself, be confident and your experience will be so much richer for it.” 

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