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FluidSurveys now available at SFU

December 10, 2015

SFU IT Services has just announced that FluidSurveys, a best-of-breed web survey tool, is now available until October 2016 as a pilot to the University community.

The availability of FluidSurveys beyond that date will be based on an analysis of the value of the service over the pilot period. FluidSurveys will run concurrently with SFU WebSurvey.

Some of the benefits of FluidSurveys:

  • Any member of the University community can create an unlimited number of surveys;
  • Easy to use templates plus you can customize your own survey;
  • Surveys work on any device;
  • Reports can be exported into Excel, Word, PDF formats;
  • Support for the service is provided by FluidSurveys; and
  • Meets the requirements of BC's FIPPA legislation*.

For more information about FluidSurveys, visit


*FluidSurveys is hosted in Canada and meets the requirements of BC's FIPPA legislation. The parent company, SurveyMonkey, Inc. is US-owned and this has implications for support access. See the SFU FluidSurveys Terms of Service page at for more detail.


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