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Future Savvy

February 18, 2016

Future Savvy is a suite of online and face-to-face short-term learning programs aimed at addressing skills gaps in today’s labour market. We are starting with full stack web development and open source projects, but will be expanding to other areas in coming years, such as big data, artificial intelligence, computer vision, digital humanities, and visual analytics.

The Online Self-Paced Program takes you through “full stack” web development, which integrates “front end” and “back end” technologies. We have created a sequence of curated self-learning modules that take you from “client side” web development, or the browser elements that users interact with, to “server side” technologies that are the “back end” of more complex web applications. This program is intended for beginners or those who have some basic coding skills.

Bootcamp in Open Source Development: If you do well in the online component, or if you already have a background in computer programming, you can apply to the Bootcamp in Open Source Development, which focuses on Git (public open source) projects, teamwork, shipping deliverable web products, and adds new backend technologies such as Ruby on Rails. The bootcamp runs for 6 weeks at the Centre for Digital Media, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. Each cohort is limited to 25 students.

Start dates for the 6-week bootcamps are May 2nd and July 4th.

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