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Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) 2017

October 05, 2016

What is GOMC?

GOMC is an annual global online marketing competition for students from higher education institutions around the world. Google provides student teams with a $250 Google AdWords budget to develop and run an online advertising campaign for a real business or nonprofit organization of their choice. An independent Academic Panel, along with AdWords experts at Google, review the campaigns and select winning teams based on the success of their campaigns and the quality of their competition reports.


GOMC gives professors a chance to bring marketing theory to life by engaging students and allowing them to:

  • Gain relevant and valuable skills through a practical hands-on learning experience
  • Build a true relationship with a client and make a real-life impact in their community
  • Gain exposure to the digital marketing landscape using real money on a live advertising platform
  • Become AdWords Certified as a way to showcase their AdWords knowledge to potential employers
  • Win awesome prizes like a trip to the Googleplex, a donation for their nonprofit partner, digital devices, cool Google swag and more!

Many students have found a real passion for helping businesses/nonprofits build awareness and find new customers by growing their online presence in this fast-paced digital world. Students have graduated and continued to work with their GOMC competition client, some have launched their career at a digital marketing agency, others have become entrepreneurs and used their skills to market their own business (or even start their own digital marketing agency to help local businesses in their community), and others have embarked on a career path at Google. Whether students find that digital marketing is the career for them or not, the valuable business, consulting and communication skills gained from working with their team on a comprehensive project, from strategy development, to execution and analysis, and working with a real business or nonprofit will help them prepare for a successful career.

How do I sign up?

In order for a student team to participate in the competition, they need to have their professor register first. Professors can choose to incorporate GOMC into their curriculum or informally support a group of interested students. Once the professor has registered, students can develop teams of 3-6 members and elect one team captain to register their team for the competition.

Professors Registrations Open: October 5, 2016 - March 22, 2017

Students Registrations Open: October 5, 2016 - April 5, 2017

For more information on the competition, please visit

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