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External Award: Fellowships at the Royal Astronomical Society - United Kingdom

October 06, 2016

RAS Research Fellowships

The purpose of the RAS Research Fellowships is to enable outstanding candidates to pursue research in the UK in the disciplines advanced by the RAS i.e. astronomy, solar system science, geophysics and closely related branches of these sciences.

The RAS has funded at least one RAS Research Fellowship each year since 2010. Applications are generally due each autumn for positions starting in the following year.

Applicants must either:

  • Hold a recognized PhD degree or equivalent obtained after 1 October five years before the start of the fellowship (e.g. 1 October 2011 if applying in 2015 for a fellowship begining in 2016), or
  • have taken the PhD viva voce examination by the application deadline and expect to be awarded the PhD degree before the Fellowship start date.

Exceptions to these limits may be made only in cases of e.g. maternity leave, career breaks, serious illness etc. Please enquire before applying.

Norman Lockyer Fellowships

The Norman Lockyer Fellowship is awarded to enable an outstanding researcher to devote the majority of their time to research on an astronomical topic, including solar system and planetary science. They are named after Sir Norman Lockyer (1836-1920), pioneering solar astronomer and discoverer of helium.

The fellowship is available every three years, with applications sought in the years 2013, 2016, 2019 etc. for fellowships starting in the following year.

The fellowship is open to those who hold a doctorate from a recognized institution of higher education at the time of taking up the award. Applicants must normally be 30 years of age or younger on 1 October of the year of appointment.

The RAS pays fellowship salaries on the UCU single pay spine from points 30 to 36 inclusive. In addition to the salary we will accept claims for National Insurance at normal rates and the employer pension contribution at 16% of the salary. We will also reimburse sums up to £2000 per year for travel and incidental expenses , if claimed with justification. If the host university, as employer, wishes to pay at spine points above 36, that extra expenditure must be found from their own funds.

The application deadline for both the RAS and Norma Lockyer Fellowships is October 21, 2016. For more details and to apply please visit the RAS Application page here.

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