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Job Posting: Solar Earth Technologies Postdoctoral Fellowship

November 24, 2016

Solar Earth Technologies, a company interested in designing future photovoltaic systems, is interested in planning for Canada’s solar future. They view the understanding of the fundamental material properties of prospective photovoltaic materials as being a crucial prerequisite for the informed design of photovoltaic systems.

The company seeks a postdoctoral fellow to assist with a project which aims to fabricate silicon solar cells incorporating new optical structures for enhanced solar cell performance. This project will involve optical modeling, experimental fabrication, and measurements. Opportunities for publishing the results of this research in the open scientific literature abound.

The work will mostly take place at the Burnaby campus of SFU under the direct supervision of Profs. M. Adachi (SFU), S.K. O’Leary (UBC) and collaboration with Dr. M. Beaudoin (UBC).  The postdoctoral fellow will develop a novel nc-Si solar cell.  The films will be grown in a cluster tool machine with access to a silane based PECVD system and various other chambers for the deposition of transparent conductive oxides and contact layers.  The lithography and other fabrication will mostly take place in the cleanrooms on the SFU campus with access to equipment at UBC’s nanofabrication facility.

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience with microfabrication in a cleanroom environment (thin film deposition, lithography, dry etching, wet etching, film thickness measurements).
  • Experience with characterization of electrical devices and thin film materials (electrical conductivity measurements, Raman spectroscopy).
  • Experience with fabrication of nanomaterial devices.

Interested students need to get the approval from their supervisor and send their CV along with a link to their supervisor’s university webpage by applying through the Mitacs Accelerate webform. For more information please contact Jennifer Tedman-Jones.

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