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Job Posting: Biodiversity Project Doctoral Fellowships in Germany

October 11, 2017

The Universities of Cologne and Leipzig are offering two Doctoral fellowships (3 years, Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L salary) examining protist diversity across all ecological compartments from forest soils (litter layer, mineral soil) to the canopy region (bark, leaves, dead wood, branch forks, knotholes, epiphytes) in a temperate and tropical biome. The PhD-projects are part of the DFG-Priority Programme ”Taxon-Omics: New Approaches for Discovering and Naming Biodiversity“ (SPP 1991).

One PhD project will focus on the investigation of Alveolata and Oomycota and be located in Leipzig. One PhD project will focus on the investigation of Amoebozoa and Cercozoa and be located in Cologne. Both PhD-candidates will receive a supervision agreement according to the rules of the DFG. Field work, isolation of DNA, library preparation and data analyses will be done together and the candidates will be regularly hosted at the corresponding lab.


  • Master or equivalent in biology with a strong background in molecular biology, evolution and ecology as well as data analyses
  • Strong interest and endurance in field biology
  • The ability to communicate and cooperate in the team

To apply, submit cover letter, CV, letter of recommendation, address of two referees, and copies of certificates (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) as outlined in the attached scholarship posting, by October 31, 2017.

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