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WorkSafeBC Research Training Awards

December 04, 2019

WorkSafeBC is looking for students interested in making a difference to improve workplace health and safety.

The WorkSafeBC Research Training Awards are available to highly-qualified graduate students at the master’s and doctoral level. Awards include a $20,000 stipend and a $2,500 research and travel allowance. Master's students receive one year of funding and doctoral students receive two years of funding. Recipients can apply to renew their grant for an additional year.


    ·     Applicants need to be engaged in a full-time graduate studies program.

    ·     International students are eligible to apply (with valid student Visa).

    ·     Projects should align with our research priorities.

    ·     All standard terms and conditions apply to projects funded through Research           Services. Please refer to the General Guidelines and Conditions for details.

Application deadline: 

January 31, 2020 4:00 PM (PST)

Research topics

Research projects should align with the topics below:

    ·   Occupational injury and disease

    ·   Workplace exposures

    ·   Prevention of injury or disease

    ·   Treatment of injury or disease

    ·   Disability management, vocational rehabilitation, and return-to-work

    ·   Workers’ compensation

    ·   Any of our research priorities

Required forms:

    ·   Application form

    ·   Applicant consent form


    ·   General Guidelines and Conditions

    ·   Resume template

    ·   Funding conditions

For more details, go to WorkSafeBC website at:

WorkSafeBC Innovation at Work Grants

WorkSafeBC also funds occupational health and safety research which involve innovative, practical projects that address workplace needs as well as more academic studies or systematic reviews that may assist us with decisions affecting the health and safety of workers in BC.

All proposals and final reports for funded projects undergo external peer review. Research is funded through four competitive streams:

  • The 2020 WorkSafeBC Innovation at Work Grant competition launches application deadline is February 14, 2020. The award is generally $50,000 and is geared towards funding proposals that are innovative and practical.
  • Specific Priorities and Systematic Reviews are based on organizational need and as such have no specific timeline for proposals. The funding available is dependent on the scope and nature of the project. 

For more information about the WorkSafeBC Innovation at Work Grants, please visit their website.

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