Faculty of Environment

Simons Foundation Graduate Award in Environment

October 27, 2017

Graduate students in the Faculty of Environment who are conducting research in sustainable development (from local to global scales), environmental and water security, environmental science, and/or ethics and best practices should apply for the newly approved "Simons Foundation Graduate Award in Environment". The purpose of this award is to recognize and provide financial support to graduate students in the Faculty of Environment.

Six awards at $5,000 each will be available for a Spring 2018 term payment. 

The criteria for this award are:

  • Demonstrated academic excellence in the most recent degree program completed or in their current graduate program
  • Full-time registration in a graduate program in the Faculty of Environment

To apply, go to "Award Search" on GA3 and look for this award under the "Dean of Graduate Studies" department. November 15, 2017 is the deadline to submit your application on GA3 for this award. Additional information can be found on the SFU private awards website.

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