Opportunity to Join SFU Advisory Group: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Professional Development

March 01, 2018

Message from Kim Hart, Special Advisor to the Provost | Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | Office of the Vice-President, Academic

Inviting Expressions of Interest – Advisory Group – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


At the end of 2017 I was appointed as a Special Advisor to the Provost on Equity and Diversity.   My task, during 2018 (with input from and in collaboration with others) is to facilitate a conversation with the university community about equity, diversity and inclusion and, from the input received, to develop a strategy with a set of actionable recommendations for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion across all facets of the University.

I am working on this initiative alongside and in collaboration with Human Resources, Faculty Relations, Student Services, and many others, including Professor Genevieve Fuji Johnson who has been appointed by the Provost as a Senior Advisor to the Provost’s Office on Faculty Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement. 

To help guide this important work I would like to establish an advisory group of 12-14 members.

Advisory Group – Composition and Role

The advisory group will be comprised of students, staff, and faculty who are diverse with respect to their status as an employee or student, ethnicity and nationality, age, gender identity or expression and other characteristics.  Ideally, the group will include people with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experience who have good listening and communication skills, a willingness to participate actively and respectfully in discussions about complex issues, and who can provide informed practical advice on a range of issues.

The advisory group is expected to provide important insights into both the process and substance for realizing greater equity, inclusion and diversity at SFU.  This will include, for example, guidance about the most effective ways of engaging members of the university community, the format and timing of the consultation, the communications plan, and the substance of the consultation.

The size of the advisory group will be capped, to ensure that meetings can be scheduled and managed efficiently.  Meetings will be held regularly (approximately every two weeks) on Thursdays, noon to 1:30pm, commencing Thursday March 15th.

I invite you to submit an expression of interest (or you may choose to suggest another person who is a member of the university community who you believe would be highly effective) including contact information, a brief statement of background, and the reasons why you are interested in this role.   From the pool, I will endeavor to establish an advisory group that is diverse in background, expertise and skills as outlined above, while keeping the size of the group manageable.

I hope to establish the advisory group by Monday, March 12th with the first meeting to be held onThursday, March 15, 2018.   I would therefore appreciate receiving your expression of interest (or your recommendation of another person for this role) no later than Thursday March 8, 2018.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email with Expression of Interest noted in the subject line to Kim Hart – krhart@sfu.ca.