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External Award: Bertram Doctoral Scholarships for Research on Organizational Governance

April 11, 2018

In recognition of the growing importance of good governance to all Canadian institutions, the Canadian Foundation for Governance Research is offering annual Bertram Scholarships of $15,000 to PhD students registered at Canadian universities. The scholarship will support the work of students who are conducting research into organizational governance as part of their doctoral research project.

To qualify for the scholarship, the doctoral research project should focus on a topic directly related to organizational governance, including for example:

  • The importance of organizational governance in enabling effective decision-making and improved functioning of Canadian institutions
  • Governance issues of interest to Canadian boards of public, private, government-agency and not-for-profit organizations
  • The role of corporate governance in enabling positive societal impacts
  • Organizational governance best practices through the Canadian perspective

The following are examples of relevant topics, although by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Diversity beyond gender
  • Long-termism/sustainability
  • Ethics/codes of conduct/conflict of interest
  • Oversight of corporate culture
  • Cybersecurity/ IT governance
  • Board’s role in innovation

The application form for this scholarship is attached below. For more information about this scholarship and how to apply, please visit the CFGR scholarship webpage

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals and required attachments in either English or French. Applications must be submitted by May 22, 2018 either by email to or by mail to:

Canadian Foundation for Governance Research
Attn: Heather Wilson
2701 - 250 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M5B 2L7

* Bertram_app_form2018.pdf
Bertram scholarship application form

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