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External Award: Soroptimist Foundation of Canada - Grants for Women Students

November 20, 2018

The Soroptimist Foundation of Canada annually offers four $7,500 grants (two in Eastern Canada and two in Western Canada) to female graduate students in Canada to assist them with university studies that will qualify them for careers that will improve the quality of women’s lives.

Examples include but are not limited to: providing medical services, providing legal counselling and assistance, counselling mature women entering or re-entering the labour market, counselling women in crisis, counselling and training women for non-traditional employment, and positions in women’s centres.

To be eligible, an applicant must be:

  • A female. 
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • An accepted registrant in a full-time graduate studies program (Masters or PhD) or professional program at a similar level (medicine, law) in an accredited Canadian university, at the time of the application deadline.

    Note: Your university must belong to Universities Canada. A list of these universities can be found on their website

    Note ineligible conditions: BA level studies, a medical residency program, attending a college that is not affiliated with a Canadian university. 
  • Pursuing a course of studies which will lead to a career to improve the quality of women’s lives. 
  • Committed to working in Canada for at least two years after graduation. 
  • Intending to use the award for academic studies in the academic year following receipt of award. 
  • Contributing to your community through volunteer service. 
  • Needing financial assistance. 

An applicant must meet all EIGHT requirements to qualify for a Soroptimist grant. An applicant may apply more than once, but will not be eligible to receive a second grant. Soroptimist members are not eligible but family members may apply.

An applicant may apply in either English or French.

Completed applications and ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS must be submitted TOGETHER and must be received starting November 1st and no later than January 31st to be considered. The Soroptimist Foundation of Canada does not grant extensions. The Soroptimist Foundation of Canada decision on completeness and eligibility, including time of receipt, is final. Only the successful applicants will be notified and transcripts must be submitted by successful applicants.

For more information, see the Grant application for Masters and PhD Students below:

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