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Seeking Research Participants Round-up: February 19

February 13, 2019

Project Title: Weaving Narrative Therapy into a Decolonizing Approach to Counselling: A Collaborative Narrative Exploration of Indigenous Healing in Canada

About the Research: You are being invited to take part in this research study because you are a practitioner trained in narrative therapy who works with Indigenous clients in Canada. The study’s focus is to better understand how narrative therapy can lend itself to a decolonizing approach to counselling Indigenous clients in Canada. Your knowledge of your field and clientele will help the study convey the worldviews, life meanings and understandings of healing when working with Indigenous clients. Through a combination of a collaborative narrative process and an Indigenous research process, we hope to hear how narrative therapy has/has not supported your practice with Indigenous clients. We also hope to hear about how you might see your narrative practice fitting within the context of decolonization (i.e. decolonizing counselling).

Target Audience: This study is geared towards mental health professionals who have received training in narrative therapy and who practice with Indigenous clients in Canada using narrative therapy techniques. 

Accepting Participants until: March 1, 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Katrina Smeja, katrina_smeja@sfu.ca

Project Title: Stopping Involvement in Crime

About the Research: We want to learn more about how to help adolescents involved in the justice system. This study will help us learn more about what has helped individuals who were involved in crime during adolescence to stop committing crime.

Target Audience: We are looking for individuals who have a conviction for a criminal offense prior to age 19 years. Participants must be at least 19 years old now and live in the Lower Mainland. 

Accepting Participants until: December 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Aisha Christiansen (nee Bhanwer), abhanwer@sfu.ca

Project Title: Are Quantab Chloride sodium test sticks accurate in determining urine sodium concentration?

About the Research: In some people who are prone to fainting, their blood pressure is very low and this can be associated with low levels of salt in the body. Measures of body salt content might provide useful information in the care of these individuals. The usual way to measure body salt content is to ask a person to collect all their urine for a 24-hour period, so the salt levels in their urine (which reflects the levels in the body) can be measured. However, for some people the urine collection is inconvenient, particularly in children, and this is a problem because children are very susceptible to faints. We are testing a new method to measure the salt content of the body using test strips that can be done from a single sample of urine in the morning. You are invited to participate in a research study designed to figure out whether this alternative method of analyzing urine for sodium concentration is accurate. The purpose of this form is to provide you with information to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to participate in this research study. The primary purpose of this study is to test whether spot sample test strips can be used instead of 24-hour urine collections to accurately measure body sodium levels.

Target Audience: All individuals aged 18 and older are invited to participate.

Accepting Participants until: June 30, 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Natalie Heeney, nheeney@sfu.ca

Project Title: Vancouver’s Young Professionals and the Impact of Financial Challenges on Habitation Choices

About the Research: The purpose of this part of the research is to learn the personal experiences of young, educated Vancouverites on the unique financial challenges they face and how these challenges might be impacting their habitation choices (living situation, type of housing, location of housing, etc.). You are being invited to take part in this study because your valuable thoughts and insight on the subject matter will be a vital part of building this research.

Target Audience: Young (25-34), Educated (having completed at least a Bachelor's Degree), Working Professionals living in the City of Vancouver

Accepting Participants until: March 31, 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Holly Adams, holly_adams@sfu.ca

Project Title: Visual Cognition with Learning Analytics

About the Research: You are invited to participate in this study, which will take place in the School of Interactive Art and Technology on SFU Surrey campus. In it you will be asked usability related questions about learning analytics visualization prototypes. The study should take 50 minutes to complete. The purpose of this study is to understand how learning analytics visualizations could be used by learners in meaningful ways. 

The information collected during this study will be used to create a model of how learners perceive and use learning analytics visualizations, to improve the design of these tools to better aid learners.

Target Audience: Individuals who have completed IAT 201 or IAT 

Accepting Participants until: February 16, 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Halimat Alabi, halabi@sfu.ca

Project Title: Wavslang Study - Audiovisual speech perception of simultaneity

About the Research: Your participation will help us learn about how people perceive and process speech.

Target Audience: Male native English speakers.

Accepting Participants until: March 30, 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Keith Leung, kwl23@sfu.ca

Project Title: Mental Health and Perceived Loneliness Among Widowed Older Adults: Exploring the Effects of Gender and Social Support

About the Research: You are being asked to be in a research study about the impact of widowhood among older adults. The purpose of the study is to explore the relationship between poor mental health and loneliness among widowed older people.

Target Audience: This study is open to ALL older adults who are between the ages of 65-85 and identify as widowed.

Accepting Participants until: May 17, 2019

Want to participate in this research, or know someone who might be interested? Contact: Bonita Nath, bnath@sfu.ca

Are you looking for research participants? We can help you advertise your SFU research ethics-approved research. Please note that only research meeting the criteria below may be featured on our weekly round-up.


1. Complete the form on a Friday.

2. Your submission will be reviewed, and if it meets the necessary criteria, will be included in a blog post round-up on Tuesday the next week.


1. Only SFU graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, conducting research through SFU will be included in the blog post. 

2. Research must have SFU research ethics approval. You will need to submit evidence of this approval.

3. An end date for advertising your call for research participants must be included.

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