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May 29, 2020

Interactive Arts and Technology PhD graduate in the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology

My name is Yasamin Heshmat. I am a UX researcher with an engineering and computer science background who loves creativity and is eager to improve people’s lives by using technology and creating new designs.

Why did you choose to come to SFU?

When I finished my undergraduate studies, I realized I wanted to be more than an electrical engineer. I always wanted to be a problem solver and also have a creative outlet.

To find where I fit in, I became a Ph.D. student at SFU in the one-of-a-kind School of Interactive Arts and Technology!

Tell us about your research and/or program.

My research is in the field of human-computer interactions. I create, design and study systems aimed at supporting the everyday activities of families, co-workers and community members. My focus is on connecting families over distance and enabling them to share moments together while apart.

What are you particularly enjoying about your studies/research at SFU?

What makes SFU different for me is its leading position in multidisciplinary fields and the hardworking people who shape our community here.

Contact Yasamin: yheshmat@sfu.ca

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