Graduate Student Business Cards

SFU graduate students and registered postdoctoral fellows are able to order business cards through SFU Document Solutions.

The cost is $68.75 plus taxes for 250 cards. This is Document Solutions standard minimum order amount.

However, if you wish to purchase only 100 cards, please put the order through as 250, and when you contact Document Solutions to make the payment, advise them that you just want 100. They will then adjust your order and requote you the updated pricing of $35 plus taxes.

Once you submit an online request for business cards, Graduate Studies will need to verify your status (as a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow) and approve your order.

Note: Graduate Studies will not be able to approve your order if you are in any one of the following departments. Please place your business card requests through your graduate program staff:

  • Beedie School of Business
  • Digital Media
  • Education
  • Interactive Arts and Technology.



  1. Go to SFU Document Solutions
  2. Click on the blue "Place an Order" tab
  3. Log in as User ID: gradstudents | Password: gs1
  5. Click on the "Configure" button on the right side of the page
  6. Enter your information (see below for notes on acceptable styling of your information)
  7. Click the "Update Preview" button under the bottom left corner of the sample card to populate it with your information.
  8. If you are satisfied with the layout of your card, you may click the "Proof" button under the bottom right corner of the sample card to save it to your computer. 
  9. When finished, click the "Continue with Order" button
  10. On the next page, click the "Place Order" button. If you would like to increase the quantity of your card order (default is 250), please do so prior to clicking the "Place Order" button.
  11. As a final step before logging out, return to the form and click the "Cancel" button to clear your information from the fields. This will ensure the form is clear for the next graduate student.

Document Solutions requires a pre-payment for the business cards. Once your order has been approved by Graduate Studies, Document Solutions will contact you for payment, and proceed to prepare your cards.




Note: Before you order business cards, please review our page on acceptable titles for degrees as well as SFU styling. If you do not follow the appropriate guidelines, your card will be rejected and you will have to order them again.



Grad Business Card Front
Grad Business Card Back





1) The "Title" field must include the degree you are currently pursuing.

Acceptable Titles:

  • Master's Student (or Candidate*)
  • MA Student (or Candidate)
  • MSc Student (or Candidate)
  • PhD Student (or Candidate)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow

Unacceptable Titles:

  • Graduate Student
  • Research Assistant**
  • Sessional Instructor / TA / TM

*Please note that in many departments, the title "Candidate" is reserved for students who have completed all course work, comps, and have only their dissertation to complete.

**Please note that including titles such as "Research Assistant" or "TA" will cause your business card request to be rejected.  

  • Please check with the Graduate Program Assistant in your department to confirm accepted departmental styling policies.
  • Graduate Studies will only verify that you are a current student and that your card conforms to SFU styling policy before approving the card.
  • If your department objects to the title you have chosen for your cards, you will be responsible for the cost of printing new cards.

2) A room number is mandatory. If you do not have an office, it is recommended that you use your department's main office room number.

3) A website is mandatory. If you do not have a personal website, use your department's website.