How do I know when my Graduate Progress Report is generated?

You will receive an automatically generated email when a GPR has been generated for you. Academic units have different schedules for when Graduate Progress Reports are generate for their students; some will generate only in the Fall term, while other might generate every term. Check with your graduate program assistant for more information on when Graduate Progress Reports are generate for your program. 

When is the earliest that a Graduate Progress Report can be generated for a new student? 

A student must have completed at least two full terms before a GPR can be generated for them. For a student admitted in the Fall term, the earliest in which their inaugural report can be generated is the Summer term. Depending on how often an academic unit generates reports, and when the student was admitted to their program, it is possible that a graduate student could be in their fifth term before their first progress report is generated.

My academic history is not accurate in my Graduate Progress Report, what do I do?

If your academic history is not entirely accurate within your GPR, there is no reason to fret. There is a strong possibility that this information already exists within your student profile and the status might not be correct. If you would like this information updated, please sent an email to gpr@sfu.ca with the following information: <br>

Subject: Missing academic history

Body: Name, SFU ID, and information missing.

I have submitted my Graduate Progress Report, but I want to edit something. What do I do?

After you have submitted your report to your senior supervisor, the report (from the student perspective) goes into a locked status. This is to ensure that the information does not get changed after your senior supervisor, committee members, or Graduate Program Chair complete their evaluation. If you wish to update information please let your graduate program chair know and they will either change the status back to yourself, or update the information on your behalf. 

Who can view my Graduate Progress Report?

Only those with the appropiate permissions in SIMS can view your Graduate Progress Reports. This includes members of your supervisory committee, your graduate program assistant, Graduate Program Chair, and staff within the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office.