Student Status

If you have been admitted as a Conditional or Qualifying student, you will need to be familiar with the information on this page. If you have any questions about changing your registration status, please contact your graduate program assistant or secretary.

Conditional admission

An applicant may be offered admission to a graduate program, conditional on the completion of certain requirements no later than the end of the first semester in the program.

Sometimes this may be used for technical purposes (for example, for an international student who needs extra time to have transcripts sent from an overseas institution).

Sometimes the student may be asked to achieve certain results in the first semester. For example, the student may be asked to take some specified graduate courses and to achieve a minimum GPA.

Your offer of conditional admission should always state clearly what requirements are to be met and should define the deadlines for completion of requirements.

Admission as a qualifying student

Qualifying admission may be offered to applicants who are deemed not yet ready to begin their graduate work. The applicant normally will have completed a bachelor's degree but may have a cumulative grade point average well below the University minimum admission requirements, or may have substantial deficiencies in their academic preparation for direct admission to the program. Qualifying students will typically be working to make up deficiencies in their background to begin graduate work in their area of interest. An offer of qualifying admission must be accompanied by a set of expected requirements to be completed within one year. The requirements normally will consist of between 12 and 30 units of specified undergraduate courses and will include the required grade for each course. Applicants who require less than 12 units of undergraduate work to demonstrate their academic preparedness, or to provide the necessary background for the particular area of study should be considered for regular admission. A minimum of 12 units is established to ensure that an adequate amount of work is required. The maximum of 30 units ensures that the required work can be completed within one year.

If these requirements are met within the stipulated time frame then the qualifying student will be admitted to the degree program for which the qualifying offer of admission was given. If the student fails to complete the specified courses or to achieve the required grades, either additional courses will be required or admission to the graduate program will be denied.

The minimum University requirements for admission as a qualifying student are as follows.

    a) a bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent

    b) submitted evidence of academic ability, usually in the form of references from qualified referees

Fees: Non-degree, exchange and qualifying students will pay the rate per credit hour for the courses in which they enrol.