President's Dream Colloquium on Protecting Indigenous Cultural Heritage, Spring 2015


Most of the lectures will take place in WMC 3260, West Mall Complex building.

Travelling to the Burnaby Campus
SFU's website has directions to the Burnaby campus by car or transit.

If you're driving to campus, there is pay parking available in several visitor lots. See the Parking website for details and the parking lot map. The closest pay parking lot is the parkade beside the West Mall Complex.  

Transit to Campus
If you're taking transit, the closest SkyTrain stop is Production Way–University, on the Millennium Line. Take the 145 Production Way/SFU bus and get off the bus at the first stop, under the Transportation Centre. The West Mall building is a 3-minute walk up the stairs to the west from the bus stop. (If you see the SFU Library or the Pub, you've walked the wrong way from the bus stop. Just turn 180 degrees and walk the other way.)

The google streetview map below shows the building from the street (you may have to re-orient the map to the left to see the building).