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President's Dream Colloquium on Traveling for Health, Fall 2015

The health sector is ever more globalized through the increasing ease of travel, trade in health services, and the spread of new health technologies across international borders. National health systems cannot function in isolation from one another as patients, health professionals, and even diseases are in a constant process of movement from one space to another.

Through this colloquium, we seek to challenge participants’ understanding of what forms travel for health is taking and what impacts traveling for health is having both within Canada and internationally. Participants in this colloquium, including registered students and the wider community, will gain a better understanding of the opportunities and limitations presented by the globalization of health care and the need to better understand and plan for the dangers and potential for health inequities that this process creates.

Patients and health workers are increasingly traveling for health and the issues discussed in this seminar are of continuing importance to members of not only the university community but globally as well.

The free public lectures will start a dialogue on what steps we can take to shape this trend in a way more beneficial to Canadians and non-Canadians alike. Students taking the associated course will leave with a strong understanding of the role of globalization and travel on global health.

These free public lectures are open to everyone. All lectures will take place on the Burnaby campus, with the exception of the November 26 lecture by Glenn Cohen, which will be held at SFU Vancouver.

Graduate and senior undergraduate students are also invited to register in the graduate course that accompanies these public lectures. See course page for information.


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