President's Dream Colloquium on Making Knowledge Public

Global Participation in Knowledge Production

Speaker: Hebe Vessuri

Hebe Vessuri is a social anthropologist whose contributions to the social studies of science and technology have been continuous and growing for decades. She has authored 33 books and hundreds of articles, book chapters and governmental reports in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese on the dynamics of science beyond the Western core nations. Her analysis of the role of science in different social contexts appeals strongly to central issues of contemporary public policy. A pioneer of the anthropology of science with extensive experience of fieldwork in several Latin American countries, she has shown how the ethnographic studies of science can inform as much social theory as public policies. In 2006 she received in Caracas the National Prize for Science of Venezuela, in 2014 in Buenos Aires the Oscar Varsavsky Prize to the scientific trajectory in the field of Science, Technology and Society Studies granted by the Latin American Society for the Social Study of Science (ESOCITE), and in 2017 in Boston the John Desmond Bernal Prize to the Distinguished Contribution in the field of the social studies of science and technology of the Society for the Social Study of Science (4S), as well as Honourable Distinction to Scientific Merit in its first edition -2017- by the Senate of the Argentine Republic in Buenos Aires. She is currently an emeritus researcher of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), Visiting Professor of CIGA-UNAM Mexico, and is related to IPCSH-CENPAT/CONICET in Argentina.


This talk is dedicated to Brian Owen, Associate Dean of Libraries at SFU Library and an Associate of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), for his years of service.