GPS Photo Scavenger Hunt^3

Grab your cameras and brush up on your SFU knowledge: we're having a photo scavenger hunt3!

3 campuses
The photo scavenger hunt involves all 3 SFU campuses.

3 photos per campus
A series of 3 clues will be provided for 3 different features at one SFU campus at a time.

3 weeks per series
We will release all 3 clues for the campus at once. Your team will need to submit your 3 photos before the end of the 3-week period.


May 9-15: Sign up as a team (2-6 grad students and/or postdocs) or an individual (to be placed on a team)

May 20: Series of clues released for Campus A
June 9: Deadline for team photo submissions for Campus A

June 10: Series of clues released for Campus B
July 1: Deadline for team photo submissions for Campus B

July 2: Series of clues released for Campus C
July 21: Deadline for team photo submissions for Campus C

August 7, The Study (SFU Burnaby): People's Choice Pitch. Make a pitch to win the People's Choice Prize and vote for your favourite team! All current grad students and postdocs are invited to this event and will have the opportunity to vote for the People‚Äôs Choice. RSVP by Aug 2 (12:00 PM)

Contest Rules

Contest is open to currently registered graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Teams must be composed of 2-6 members.

Each team member must sign up individually.

Don't have a team? Don't worry! Sign up as an individual and we will create a team for you made up of other individual participants. 

Names, email addresses, and headshots for each team will be shared amongst all team members.

Teams will have until the alloted deadline for each campus to submit up to 3 photos to their vault folders (provided by GPS).

At the end of each 3-week period, your team's photo submissions will be curated and shared on our website.

Photos submitted must include at least one team member in the photo in front of/with the feature. 

Most importantly, have fun!

Awarding of Points

5 points: for each correct photo submitted

3 points: for having all team members in each of the 3 photos submitted/campus 

2 points: for the first team to submit all 3 correct photos before each of the deadlines

1 point: for submitting 3 photos from each series of clues

Bonus points: for creativity (judges discretion)

Dean & Associate Dean's points: awarded by the Dean and/or Associate Dean's at their discretion

People's Choice Pitch

Even if your team didn't rank in the top 3, you still have an opportunity to win over the crowd and receive a prize! Describe your epic fails, your most heartwarming experience, or your favourite team moments. Pitches can be made in person on the day of the social event or can be submitted virtually beforehand. All pitches will be shared and voted on at the social. Get creative and have fun!


The following teams will receive prizes:

  1. The top 3 teams (according to awarded points)
  2. People's Choice Pitch winning team (even if you don't have all the photos or even correct photos, you can still win a prize!). 

Sign Up to Participate
Sign up for this event closed May 15.

  • If you have a team already, please provide the team name when you are registering. 
  • You will also be required to upload a headshot. The photo will be shared amongst team members and the judges.