Photo Contest #3 Submissions: Show Us Your Home

Winning Submissions

First Place

Ramadan Bajar Food

"I have started my pre masters at this summer and if you ask me about a thing miss the most from India! It's Indian food. This photo was taken at Ramadan Bajar (market)."

Param Joshi, Mechatronic Product Realization

Photo taken from the Surat, India

Second Place

Istanbul’s cats

"Istanbul is famous for its friendly cats and its seaside promenades. I will miss scenes like this when I move to Vancouver."

Marina Khonina, MA Sociology

Photo taken in Istanbul, Turkey

Third Place


"I have always been drawn to the natural beauty of the Great Lakes region. The ancient glacial activity left behind a unique and breathtaking landscape. Autumn brings about a magnificent change in the ecosystem's chemistry that cannot be captured with a camera, despite my best efforts. I am proud to call the Upper Peninsula my home and to have the opportunity to experience the unparalleled seasonal progression of its forest's hues."

Ryan Walquist, MSc, Biological Sciences

Photo taken in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

People's Choice

Working from home in the summer

"Modern research will overheat your laptop. The feng shui of my living space is an example of an emerging decor: "research chic"."

Jordan Barnes, Psychology

Photo taken in Shawnigan Lake

Honourable Mention

Endings Are The New Beginnings

"Walk around a normal street in Rishikesh and this is what it shows you. No “sunset points”, no touristy spots; just a normal street view. Here is a sunset overlooking the mighty River Ganga. The sunrays shining on Ganga is always a view never to miss. Having spent almost all of my childhood vacations here, this place holds a special place in my heart. It brings me closer to spirituality and internal peace I don’t find elsewhere. Being the last vacation place with my entire family back in India, this will surely be my home I’d like for everyone to see."

Krishna Todi, Master of Public Health

Photo taken in Rishikesh, India

Honourable Mention

A Trigger for Street Sound and Coffee Smell of Taipei

"Awakened by the morning light, I come to hear the alarm screaming crazy. Teeth brushed. Dressed up. Mom left a handwriting love on fridge. I go downstairs, put on the scarlet red helmet, and start the scooter engine. Leaving the shocked neighbor's dog behind, I breathe in the speed where fresh air is refined. In the meantime I park next to the memorable park, the best coffee smell flows out of the shop. Breakfast ordered. I settle down at a table, staring out of window. Suddenly I see the square frames the memories in Taipei, but still I'm in Vancouver."

Amy Chen, Ph.D. in SIAT

Photo taken in a coffee shop called Bean Factory near my house

More Submissions

Home is Peace of Mind

"As a developing young international academic, I have come to accept I will not be at my traditional home most time of my life. But, I have found a different definition of home: a place to rest my soul and experience calm. This photo was taken at the base of Mt Robson, gazing over Berg Lake and simply breathing for 2 hours."

Lucian Rinke-Hardekopf, Earth Sciences

Photo takne at Berg Lake Glacier, Mt Robson Provincial Park, BC, Canada

connecting with nature

"I chose a photo from The Great Blue Heron Reserve taken while I was teaching Outdoor Adventures. I was amazed at how many students were fascinated with simple things in nature that we take for this snail. We had a great time exploring and connecting with nature."

Donna Boucher, Nature and place-based learning - Grad diploma

Photo taken at Great Blue Heron Reserve

Peacock in the park

"Animals like peacocks are very common in the city where I lived. Their sounds and colours were part of my routines, just like bears, racoons and deers are part of my routines now."

Cecilia Sierra-Heredia, PhD

Photo taken in Park Chapultepec, City of Cuernavaca, Mexico

Nose Hill - Mohkinstiss

"This photo is taken on the hill behind the community I grew up in.  It is the sacred hill to the Blackfoot people, and contains a modern prayer wheel.  In the distance, you can see downtown Calgary.  For me, this hill is the center of where I call home, and I always go back to this place when I am home. It represents grounding."

Jessica McMann, Master of Contemporary Art

Photo taken in Nose Hill, Calgary, Alberta

Rundle Mountain

"I grew up in Calgary, and all weekends and summer were spent living in Benchlands, or hiking in the mountains.  I consider the Rockies as much my home as Calgary.  This photo was taken on a winter research trip to Calgary."

Jessica McMann, Master of Contemporary Art

Photo taken in Vermillion Flats, Alberta

Cottage Sunset

"My family has had our cottage on Lake Cecebe for 18 years and it is my favourite place in the world. This unedited photo shows one of the most vibrant sunsets I've ever seen on the lake!"

Kristy Allen, MPH Health Promotion, Social Inequity & Public Policy

Photo taken in Lake Cecebe, Magnetawan, ON

An Ontario Silhouette

"I'm going to miss being on the lake and how beautiful the forest and islands in Ontario look at night. Most of all, I'm going to miss my dog (bottom left corner)!"

Kristy Allen, MPH Health Promotion, Social Inequity & Public Policy

Photo taken in Lake Cecebe, Magnetawan, ON

Vedder River at Sunset

"The Vedder River Trail in Chilliwack, BC, is a community treasure.  People walk, run, bike, fish and even ride their horses along it.  It is a place we frequent for it's beauty and atmosphere and it connects us deeply to our community."

Bev Hagerman, Education Grad program

Photo taken from the Vedder River Bridge west

Almost Perfect

"What is home? An almost perfect moment of silence within myself."

Simone Brugiapaglia, Mathematics

Photo taken at SFU, Burnaby Campus

Our home's little paradise

"This photo reminds me where I am grown and have lots of beautiful memories there.  It is like a dream which helps me feel and touch my love to my family. Now I am far from home and these photos keeps my heart alive."

Mahdi Qaryan, Physics

Photo taken in Isfahan, Iran

Historical Flavor

"Most people know Xi’an is a historical city in China with a long history, which is abundant of many historical relics. Walking in the city, you can always see unique pagodas, stone monument and city walls, they are all from past time, maybe more than thousand years. This picture was taken on my way back to home, I looked up and just saw this scene, with the shining sunlight passing through this traditional Chinese architecture style eave, at that moment I realized: This is my city, historical flavor is everywhere, and I love it."

Xin Liu, Teaching English As an Additional Language- fieldwork stream

Photo taken near Shun Cheng Road

Another Early Morning Time

"The photo was taken when I went to the city center at an early morning with my classmates to conduct our shooting tasks required by our teacher. Nearby city center there locates a park, we walked in and saw many old people doing morning exercise, the kinds are various, from Taiji, square dancing to brush writing. The brush writing attracted me so much, with a large size brush dipped into water and then directly write on the road, several minutes later, the characters would disappear. I stood and watched for a while, the old man told me he came here everyday at 6:00. He loves calligraphy so he practices it everyday. Since that day, I found people here have a totally different early morning time, they looked more leisure than those commuters, those office workers. This scene is unique and belongs to my city and my home."

Xin Liu, Teaching English As an Additional Language- fieldwork stream

Photo taken in Huan Cheng Park, Xi'an, China

 Reunion Time

"It was a tradition in China that the whole family go to see the Chinese lanterns during Spring Festival holiday. In my home, every year before and after Chinese traditional New Year’s Day, the Tang Paradise would host the lantern show, containing different themes and styles of Chinese traditional lanterns. This picture was taken just on January 2018, when I enjoyed the lantern show with my parents. Now I am studying in Canada, thousands of kilometers away from them, so every time when I see this photo, it would reflect me to think of the happy time I spent with them, I miss them so much, they are my parents but also the home of me forever."

Xin Liu, Teaching English As an Additional Language- fieldwork stream

Photo taken from Tang Paradise, Xi'an

Plumpty Dumpty

"Plumpty Dumpty grew on a branch, Plumpty Dumpty was picked on a ranch. All the kids' smiles and all their keen mouths, couldn't resist eating Plumpty again."

Alvin Ong, Masters of Business Administration

Photo taken in Krause Berry Farm (Langley)

In The Woods With My Best Friend

"Almost every day I walk with my best friend through the woods by my home in North Vancouver. Ever since I was young, no matter the season, I would trace the same path through the trees. I fear with school I won’t be able to spend as much time with my dog in our special place. I know it is not as far away as other homes, but to me, the woods of Lynn Canyon make me feel a million miles away from the rest of the city. It is a place I can always come to feel at ease."

Rylee Sear, History

Photo taken at Lynn Canyon Park

A day in North Van

"Sky, water, greenery and fresh air"

Ghulam Mahmood Anwari, Public policy

Photo taken at Suspension Bridge

Wishing I was fishing

"A stunning BC interior day on Leighton Lake with a fly-rod in hand (if you look carefully, you can see the fly line at the bottom-right of the photo). I head home to Kamloops periodically to visit with family. When I am back in town, my favourite thing to do is fly-fish for rainbow trout in the surrounding lakes. I chose to share this photo as “my home” because it represents the most effective way to regain mental equilibrium when the madness of the concrete jungle and traffic threaten to overwhelm me."

Colin Bailey, PhD of Biological Sciences

Photo taken at Leighton Lake, BC

Goodbye, you goof

"I'm really going to miss this goof. He's a 108 pound Bernese/Poodle cross (or Bernoodle) named Murphy. He just turned one and he doesn't know I'm leaving. As a writer and perpetual student, I've been lucky enough to work from home. He grew up at my feet. I cut his hair and taught him to swim. I taught him ‘leave it’ and ‘shake-a-paw’. Who's toes will he crush now? I think I'm about to break a puppy's heart."

Samuel Stumborg, Digital Media

Photo taken in Living room

Chloe and Tofu

"They are my dogs - Chloe and Tofu. They always greet me with such a joy whenever I come home. It feels empty without them at home!"

Jiyeon (Jessica) Kim, M.Ed - Curriculum and Instruction Foundation

"Borta bra men hemma bäst." - Swedish Proverb

"Two sources of inspiration propel me through the many highs and lows of graduate school: 1) My unwavering determination to explore, document and challenge hegemonic health care policies and practices that normalize the provision of suboptimal hospice-palliative care to persons with dementia; and 2) The desire to make my family proud! While my studies may not take me as far from home as they do some, I certainly spend too much time away from my Husband (pictured right) and our fur-baby (centre). They really are my ‘home’ and as my Swedish husband says, “Away is good but home is best”!"

Marissa Stalman, Gerontology (MA)

Photo taken in Maple Ridge, BC


"This photo that I took 5 years ago, reminds me my people who always wish for a better life like these plants in Varzaneh desert, which are grown without rain."

sara rasooli, Urban Studeies

Photo taken in Varzaneh desert, Iran

colourful view

"these kind of windows are one of the main parts of Iranian architecture. You can see all the world full of colour when you see through these windows"

sara rasooli, Urban Studeies

Photo taken in Yazd, Iran

Cave Town

"The photo is taken in Zelve Valley / Nevşehir, which is 10 km. away from the village where my mother was born. It is famous for cave dwellings. Both Christian and Muslim communities lived in harmony there until 1920’s, when the town was evacuated due to high risk of erosion then.  Zelve Valley is one of the most famous places in Nevşehir, where you can enjoy the volcanic rock lanscapes and underground cities."

Buğrahan Ceylan, M.A. Political Science

Photo taken in Zelve Valley / Nevşehir

Thumbs up

"The photo is taken in Zelve Valley / Nevşehir, which is 10 km. away from the village where my mother was born. Despite the fact that mom saw these places many times, she seems to enjoy a lot getting us around her home city. I think this joy and excitement is invaluable."

Buğrahan Ceylan, M.A. Political Science 

Photo taken in Zelve Valley / Nevşehir

A raining night in Hengyang

"A heavy rainfall is not going to stop people of my hometown from tasting the delicious snacks. I miss the gathering with my friends and families in those places."

Qinghua Chen, Doctor of Philosophy - Languages, Cultures, and Literacies

Photo taken in Hengyang, Hunan, China

Turkish Breakfast with My Dad

"I have chosen this photo for two reasons.  Firstly, it is literally from my home. Secondly, it is a ritual of my family which I miss the most when I am away. It takes longer to prepare it, as it takes longer to finish it. Breakfast for us is like a ceremony which bonds my family by sharing both food and a warm conversation."

Canan Gunes, PhD in Mathematics Education

Photo taken At the balcony of our home

The Road

"It is a common road in a village in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam where I had lived and worked for more than 6 years."

Thuy Do, GSWS

Photo taken in My Lac ward, Thu Thua Disctrict, Long An province


"Taken on northern Vancouver Island, the small town of Port Alice is where my family and me grew up for 19 years. This is the place to be if you enjoy fishing, camping, hiking and exploring!"

Susanna Chan, GDBA

Photo taken in Northern Vancouver Island


"Roasted Corn on the Cob ! This photo is close to my heart not just because of how tasty it is, but because of the memories it brings back. It makes be reminisce the time I spent with my friends and family and the fun we had over sharing it. It reminds me of how much I am going to miss going to the beaches in my city."

Nikitha Ravi, Masters in Big Data Programming

Photo taken in India


"This photo is close to my heart, it was taken in my garden and it reminds me my nest (my family) and the joy we had in taking care of it."

Nikitha Ravi, Masters in Big Data Programming

Photo taken in India

Vancouver Rain Clouds

I’m a Vancouverite who absolutely loves rain, especially watching rain clouds roll over the city. Home, to me, is synonymous with rainy weather. Whenever I meet new students at SFU, I try to encourage them to make the most of our weather, or at least stock up on vitamin D!"

Erin Hogg, PhD in Archaeology

Photo taken in Vancouver

A Transient Life

"In this photo we can see a mesmerizing transient female killer whale as she surfaces to breath. Behind her are the BC ferries, a staple in this region of British Columbia. As someone who grew up on Vancouver Island, and frequently visits, this photo represents my view on the way to my favourite place, home."

Jenna Keen, Master of  Environmental Toxicology

Photo taken in Departure Bay

The Stone Road under a Half-moon

"In this photo, I used sunlight and my hat to create an illusion of my memory of hometown - a dark stone road under a half-moon in a summer night. I have not had a chance to go back to China this year, and I miss my hometown. The dark stone road is quiet and peaceful; I walked on it almost every day when I was a child."

Xintian Sun, Interactive Arts and Technology

Photo taken in Vancouver (an illusion of Suzhou, China)

Enjoying the heaven of my life

"This was my last photograph at my lovely home before arrival . I  will miss it. It has memories of our family . I wish I could bring it with me. 😔"

Navpreet kaur, Msc Mathematics

Photo taken in Rupalon, punjab, India


"I grew up in a small town with space to run and fresh air to breathe. I miss that place. Sometimes, the city can be overwhelming; and, I love driving home to escape the activity and the noise. As soon as I see the corn fields, I know I'm home."

Michelle Davis, Masters of Education

Photo taken in Chilliwack, British Columbia

Sea to Sky

"I didn't grow up in Vancouver; but, it has become my home. The ocean and the mountains make this place truly special."

Michelle Davis, Masters of Education

Photo taken in Whytecliff Park


"I feel privileged to call British Columbia my home. Being surrounded by nature makes this place truly special."

Michelle Davis, Masters of Education

Photo taken in Sakinaw Lake, British Columbia

My Island Home

"A beach On the island where I grew up, my home ! Home is where the heart is and my heart is as wide as the sand bars in The Bahamas and as deep as Deans Blue Hole !! I love my home!"

Lavan Knowles, Educational Leadership

Photo taken in Long Island Bahamas

Sunset on the Blue

"This is my sunset, everyday, 365 from where I live in Exuma The Bahamas."

Lavan Knowles, Educational Leadership

Photo taken in Steventon Exuma The Bahamas

The bridge

"It is a common bridge in a village in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam where I had lived and worked for more than 6 years."

Thuy Do, GSWS

Photo taken in My Lac ward, Thu Thua Disctrict, Long An province

Flowers for festival

"I chose this photo because it captures the essence of festival, family reunion and home. It is from moments before I and my family celebrated Dashain—one of the biggest festivals in Nepal—in our home in Kathmandu. It is a festival when people visit families and relatives to receive blessings. As part of preparation process, my mother had arranged these flowers, after plucking them from our home garden. Flowers play an integral part of rituals and public celebrations in Nepal. Whenever I look at this photo, I miss my home, relatives and family gathering during this annual festival."

Bicram Rijal, Doctoral studies in Anthropology

Photo taken in Nepal

Bahula Pokhari aka Mad Pond

"The Bahula Pokhari--generally translated as the “mad pond”—is a famous religious site in central Nepal. Situated approximately 4500m high from sea level close to Nepal’s border with the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, this pond embodies remoteness and sacredness at the same time as pilgrims make a multiple-day and treacherous trip to this site to have a holy dip during the Jani Purnima festival, which falls on the full moon day in August. I chose this photo because it captures the pristine beauty of Nepal, which happens to be my home country."

Bicram Rijal, Doctoral studies in Anthropology

Photo taken in Nepal

Monkey from Monkey Temple

"This photo is from Kathmandu’s famous place called Swayambhunath—also known as “monkey temple” among foreigners. This little monkey shares its cute expression after it gets wet from a dive into a nearby swimming pool. I chose this photo because this place remains very close to my heart as I used to visit it quite frequently mostly for morning joggings during my undergraduate years in Kathmandu. The last time when I visited it in 2015, most of the temple’s structures had collapsed due to the callous earthquakes. I hope the reconstruction of the temple will be completed very soon."

Bicram Rijal, Doctoral studies in Anthropology

Photo taken in Nepal