2013 Finalists  

Mary Ann Middleton, Earth Sciences: Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions

Michael Peabody, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Towards Improved Monitoring of Watershed Health Through Identification of Microbial Markers

Mina Soltangheis, Interactive Arts and Technology: Designing a time visualization for CZSaw a visual analytic tool

Shruti Menon, Engineering: Electronic Detection of Bacteria

Amin Nouri, Chemistry: Nanostructured Platinum Catalysts for Fuel Cells

Blake Byron Walker, Geography: Spatial-Temporal Dimensions of Violent Injury in Urban Environments

Andrea Smit, Psychology: Chronotype and Academic Performance in University Students

Daniel Feuereissen, Interactive Arts and Technology: Active, User-generated Motion-Cueing Facilitates Self-Motion Perception (Vection) in Mediated Environments

Mike Henrey, Engineering: Sticking in Space: Robots with gecko-inspired adhesive feet

Krystal Guo, Mathematics: Spectra of Digraphs

Britta Ricker, Geography: Collecting and Geovisualizing Trauma Surveillance Data for Injury Prevention Using Mobile Computers in Cape Town, South Africa

Nick Zap, Education: Making Sense of Nonsense