2015 Finalists

Amir Maravandi, Mechatronic Systems Engineering: Regenerative Shock Absorber

Emanuela Mileva, Linguistics: Getting to Know Your Patient - Talk in Alternative Medicine Sessions as a Blend of Mainstream Medicine and Psychotherapy

Jeremy Chiu, Mathematics: Thermoregulation of Swarming Honeybees

Laura Spake, Archaeology: Selecting an Appropriate Reference Population for Age Estimation of Juveniles in a Forensic Context

Senay Cebioglu, Psychology: Becoming Human - Developing Self-Awareness

Antonia Musso, Biology: Building a Better Mouse Trap - Reduction of trap box neophobia in house mouse with use of urine derived semiochemicals

Evgeny Vinnik, Computing Science: Mobile Application to Detect Falls

Karen Cochrane, Interactive Arts and Technology: Wearable Technology for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Ming Hui Yu, Business Administration: Automated Generation of Classical Chinese Poetry

Thea Rutherford, Education: Wandering as Metaphor and Practice in Teaching and Learning