2016 Finalists

Nezam Alavi, Engineering Science: Arm Rehabilitation Robotic System

Hannah Celinski, English: Reading Dance Technique through Technology

Travis Crowell, Archaeology: Follow the Shore: Refining Local Sea-Level Histories through Settlement Change in Waiatt and Kanish Bays, Quadra Island, BC

Mara Katz, Linguistics: Politeness Theory and a New Classification of English Speech Acts

Alexandra Kitson, Interactive Arts and Technology: The Functional Significance of Vection

Daniel Peach, Biology: Floral Foraging Ecology of Mosquitoes

Aateka Shashank, Geography: Walkability in Metro Vancouver

Lee Beavington, Education: Scientific Ethics and Outdoor Education

Heather Coatsworth, Biology: Going Viral: Can We Stop Dengue Transmission?

Amanmeet Garg, Engineering Science: Imaging Biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders

Leah Kelley, Public Policy: Embodied Injustice: Policies to Address Self-Injury among Low-income women Aged 35–49 in Alberta

Kimberly Nickel, Education: Professional Goalkeeper: The Criminal Justice Practica Supervisor

Teresa Rosales Ramirez, Earth Sciences: Characterizing contamination risk in the surface/shallow subsurface zone due to spills of wastewater from shale gas activities

Qinwen Yu, Communication: How Canada Views the Rise of China