2017 Finalists

Gopa Caesar, Communication: The Lost Lore of Partition

Shera Fisk, Archaeology: The Differential Effects of Environmental Factors on Immature and Mature Bone Degradation: A Controlled Experiment Using Pig (Sus scrofa) Skeletal Remains

Vienna Chichi Lam, Criminology: Lacustrine Taphonomy: A Forensic Histological Examination of Skeletal Changes in a Freshwater Lake

Alexandra Pulwicki, Earth Science: Tracking Snow on Glaciers

Cecilia Sierra-Heredia, Health Sciences: Climate change, pollen and the development of asthma

Louise Thomas, Mechatronic Systems Engineering: Manual wheelchair stability and maneuverability with adjustments to seating configurations

Maggie Cascadden, Resource & Environmental Management: Best Practices for Impact Benefit Agreements

Alexandra Kasper, Physics: Work-Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Molecular Machines

Julia Mazurchuk, Public Policy: A Fragmented Net: Supporting At-Risk Families in BC

Emily Ross, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology: Text Messaging to Help Support Heart Disease Patients Post-Discharge from the Hospital

Alexander Thumm, Urban Studies: Strategically Planning for Parking: The Case of Laneway Houses

David Yin, Engineering Science: Detection of Low Concentration Ammonia Gas Using Differential Laser Induced Fluorescence