Training Sessions/Workshops

Can you communicate your research in a way that inspires your listeners?

Granting agencies and employers always rank skills in knowledge translation at the top, and individuals who successfully master the art of explaining complicated concepts in accessible ways go far. Helping others understand and get excited by your research is essential--no matter if you're explaining the concepts to family members, potential employers or during the 3-Minute Thesis Competition

The goal of these workshops and practice sessions is to help graduate students describe their research in interesting and novel ways, and be able to communicate it in a variety of settings and contexts. These sessions are offered by a mix of service providers: SFU's Teaching and Learning Centre, SFU's Office of Graduate Studies (APEX) and Mitacs

These sessions are open to all current SFU graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

Presentation Skills Series II: Melodic Speech - Robot or Mozart, Which Are You? 

Is there dynamic variation in your speech pattern or is it closer to a monotone? Learn how to vivify your vocal patterns by speaking melodically. This two-hour Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) workshop will give you experience increasing the melodic and rhythmic qualities of your speech patterns. You will learn how to increase your pitch range to create an exciting vocal line and avoid monotonous speech production, and use a variety of cadences to captivate your audience. 

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Using Visual Aids Effectively 

Your graphic slides are an important part of your presentation, enhancing the meaning and impact of your words. But too often during presentations, slides are a distraction--either because they are too wordy or because they don't complement what you're saying. In this APEX workshop, learn how to make your slides a complimentary part of your presentation so they really add value to your audience and your presentation in a meaningful way.  

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Presentation Skills Series III: Warming Up Your Audience

How can you increase your audience's receptivity and alertness? How can you create a positive learning mood at the beginning of your presentation? Adding some physical energy along with some of your own personality pulls in your audience’s attention. In this Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) workshop, you'll learn to use the tools of intention, anecdotes, gesture and humour to energize your presentation and stimulate the attention of your audience.

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Presentation skills count!

NSERC and SSHRC have open competitions to reward top grad student communicators.

Congratulations & thank you to all participants! 

Alexandra Kasper (Physics) emerged as the champion of the 3MT Finals, with Shera Fisk (Archaeology) coming in as the runner-up and People's Choice.