August Update

Graduate OASIS System - Update #7


Development is still on track and we are starting the functional testing.  We will also be working on configuring the OASIS Management component and setting up department-specific values.  We will be contacting you over the next 3-4 weeks for more information about your requirements (read the section on configuration below for some things to think about).

User Acceptance Testing will take place Sept 4-14.
We are looking for faculty and staff volunteers to help test the new system.  Please contact Marilyn Dueckman as soon as possible if you can commit to:

    1) attend a brief (15 min) orientation, at which time you
        will be given a few guidelines and access to the test
    2) "play around" in the test system during the 9-day period
    3) provide feedback

Orientation for user testing will be on Tuesday, Sept 4 (yes, it's the first day of classes, but it's only for 15 minutes) at all three campuses.  Times and rooms to be arranged.  Surrey and Vancouver will be in the morning, Burnaby in the afternoon.

Implementation remains targeted for October 1, 2012.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Marilyn Dueckman or Nancy Petersen.

The OASIS Management component includes department-specific configuration for the following:

  • Applicant Checklists (by department or by program)
  • Form(s) for referees to fill out (by department or by program), if required
  • Form(s) for reviewers to fill out (by department or by program), if required
  • Forms(s) for applicants to fill out with additional questions (by department or by program), if required
  • Minimum English test scores (if your requirements are higher than the scores set by DGS)
  • Referee Alerts - you will be able to select up to four alerts.  Options are a) more than one referee has the same IP address, b) more than one reference submitted within an hour, c) referee has free email account, d) referee has same IP address as applicant
  • Application Status – in addition to some delivered statuses, such as ‘Application Received’, ‘File Complete’, ‘Application Withdrawn’, you can add your own statuses to help in filtering the lists of applicants and routing the files.  (e.g. you might add an ‘Interview Complete’ status if you interview your applicants and want to know once that has been done)
  • Committees - you can set up faculty members into groups or committees as a means of filtering the list of available reviewers
  • Users – DGS will be circulating a list of users (faculty, staff) that will be set up for your department, based on data in SIMS. You’ll have the opportunity to remove any of these as well as to add any new ones (they must have a computing ID).
  • Reviewer Keywords - You can also set up reviewer keywords for some of your users as another means of filtering the list of available reviewers.  (e.g. words that identify their research areas, areas of interest or expertise.)
  • User defined fields – you can create as many additional fields as you want. These would all be for manual data entry.
  • Custom views – think about the data that you would want to see in your list of applicants

This would be a good time for you to be thinking about these things so that you’re ready when we contact you.

Attention STAFF members!  IMPORTANT NOTICE about the OASIS Management component

Because there are so many changes affecting graduate admissions, all impacting at the same time, the decision has been made to have DGS take responsibility for the OASIS Management component for the first year.  This includes setting up and managing security, forms and configuration.

This will allow departmental staff time to adapt to the changes and become familiar with the new system without having to learn the setup at the same time.  It also presents an opportunity for staff and faculty to make decisions about ways to customize views and forms for your department's needs going forward.

We will work closely with you to set up your department's configuration, and will provide on-site, one-on-one assistance as needed during this time.  Configuration can be modified at any time to conform to your needs.

Group training will still take place as scheduled, but it will concentrate more on day-to-day work flow and how to work with applications, reviews and recommendations.  If you have already signed up for group training, please do not re-register.  Also note that the training sessions previously scheduled during the week of Sept 24-28 have been cancelled, as they are no longer required.

Attention FACULTY members!  Here are some options for training. 

Open Demo – There is a demo scheduled in the Library Thesis Room on Thursday, Oct. 11 from 10:00am-11:00am for faculty members.

Departmental Demo – If you would like one of us to come to your department to demo the adjudication component specifically to your faculty members, we can do that.  It could be at a regular scheduled departmental meeting (give us 20-30 minutes at the beginning) or at a meeting specifically convened for this purpose.  Contact us in advance to make sure we have someone available for your meeting date and time.  Also, there will need to be a data projector and an internet connection in the room.


Week of Sept 10-14 - STAFF TRAINING - New Applications, Referees, Document Upload
During this week's sessions you will enter a new application for one of your programs and follow it through OASIS referee notification and document upload.  You will see what the applicant and referee see, so if you're asked a question you'll know what they're talking about.

You must be registered to attend these sessions (do not re-register if you are already enrolled)

Mon Sept 10    1:30-3:20pm        SRY Rm 3300
Tue Sept 11     9:30-11:20am      BBY AQ3145
Wed Sept 12    9:30-11:20am     BBY AQ3145
Thu Sept 13     9:30-11:20am      BBY AQ3145
Thu Sept 13     1:30-3:20pm        VCR HC1330
Week of Sept 17-21 - OASIS Training Postponed
Week of Sept 24-28 - No training sessions scheduled
Week of Oct 1-5 - OPEN HELP SESSIONS Postponed
Thursday October 11 - FACULTY TRAINING Demo - no registration required
10:00-11:00    BBY Library Thesis Room 2020