March Update

Grad Applicant Evaluation System (AES) -  Update #2 - March 2012

Work continues on the Applicant Evaluation System for Graduate Studies. Here are the highlights from the past month:

Staff and Faculty Working Groups

The STAFF working group has met several times in February to help refine requirements for the referee and document upload components, and is current working on requirements for the faculty adjudication component.

The FACULTY working group met in February, and will meet again once some mockups have been created to simulate the pages of the faculty adjudication component.  One of the suggestions that came out of the first faculty meeting was to check out two open source systems that are currently in use by the library - Open Conference System and Open Journal System.  These systems are being reviewed to see what they have to offer to the project.

Because working groups are smaller subsets of larger groups, we are not able to invite all departments to participate.  Representatives from all faculties have been invited, but if you are not in one of the working groups, it does not mean you do not have a voice.  If you have specific feedback to contribute, please feel free to contact Marilyn Dueckman or Nancy Petersen.  You may also contact anyone from the working groups (see list below) to contribute your ideas and have them brought up for discussion during the working group sessions.

Some Features of the New System

  • Applicants can upload their admission documents securely online
  • Referees can provide their references securely online
  • Staff will have the ability to upload documents
  • Access to applicant files and reviewer notes will be controlled from within the academic unit
  • Much of the system configuration will be done by the academic unit to provide maximum flexibility and accommodation of the business practices of each unit
  • The AES will have a completely different look and feel than SIMS
  • Academic units will be able to create their own forms for applicants and/or referees to complete online, including rating systems, etc.
  • As new features continue to be defined, we will include them in future updates

Implementation is targeted for Fall 2012