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Campus: Burnaby

Please consult the departmental website for admission requirements.


Apply through our online application system. (See Application Process if you need assistance with your application, or with uploading your supporting documents.)

If you have admission-related questions, please email

After you have completed your online application, mail your sealed documents to:
Graduate Secretary
Department of Archaeology
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC Canada
V5A 1S6

Please consult the program's website for the application deadlines and further details.

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Lia says, "I'm just beginning my MA in archaeology, specializing in paleoanthropology. The question of how similar our fossil relatives the Australopithecines, early Homo, and Neanderthals were to us has plagued paleoanthropologists for years. The fact that I can contribute to our body of knowledge on this topic, receive financial support while doing so, and rub shoulders with great minds in archaeology made me choose to pursue graduate studies at SFU."

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