The following information, regarding minimum equivalent qualifications and academic standing, and required credential, is intended as a guideline only and is to be used as a reference for admission purposes only

Admission to Master's Program

Minimum Equivalent Qualifications
For admission to a master’s program, the qualifications listed are normally recognized as equivalent to a Simon Fraser University 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall grade of B. Most SFU graduate programs will assess a Bologna compliant degree as equivalent to a four-year degree. Please note: departments may have higher requirements and the assessment of any individual may be subject to additional criteria, including English language scores

Minimum Overall Academic Standing
B on ECTS; 8 on a 10-point scale

Required Credential or Degree
Diplomă de Licență, Diplomă de Inginer, Diplomă de Arhitect, Diplomă de Doctor

Admission to Doctoral Program

Minimum Overall Academic Standing
Superior Standing

Required Credential or Degree
Diploma de Studii Aprofundante, Dipolma de Master or Dipolma De Absolvire

English Language Proficiency Test

Applicants with a degree from this country are required to submit proof of English language competency

Education System 

Language(s) of Instruction


Grading System

10-Point Scale

Scale Description  
9-10 Excelent Excellent
7-8 Bun Good
5-6 Suficient Sufficient


Grade Description U.S. Grade Equivalent
A Excellent A
B Very Good B+
C Good B
D Satisfactory C+
E Sufficient C
FX Fail F
F Fail F