The following information, regarding minimum equivalent qualifications and academic standing, and required credential, is intended as a guideline only and is to be used as a reference for admission purposes only

Admission to Master's Program

Minimum Equivalent Qualifications
For admission to a master’s program, the qualifications listed are normally recognized as equivalent to a Simon Fraser University 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall grade of B.

Most SFU graduate programs will assess a Bologna compliant degree as equivalent to a four-year degree.

Please note: departments may have higher requirements and the assessment of any individual may be subject to additional criteria, including English language scores

Minimum Overall Academic Standing
4 on a 5-point scale (Good) or 8 on a 12-point scale (Good) (post-2000) or ECTS B

Required Credential or Degree
Diplom ob Okanchanii Vysshego Uchebnogo Zaredeniia (Diploma Specialist)

Admission to Doctoral Program

Minimum Overall Academic Standing
4.3 on a 5-point scale (Good) or 9 on a 12-point scale (Good) (post-2000) or ECTS B

Required Credential or Degree
Magistr (post-2005), Kandidat Nauk, Doktor Nauk

English Language Proficiency Test

Applicants with a degree from this country are required to submit proof of English language competency

Education System

Language(s) of Instruction

Ukranian, Russian, English 

Grading System

5-, 12-Point, and Percentage Scales

5-Point Scale** 12-Point Scale Percentage Description
5 10-12 90-100% Excellent
4 7-9 70-89% Good
3 4-6 50-69% Satsifactory
2 1-3 0-49% Unsatisfactory


Grade Description U.S. Grade Equivalent
A Excellent A
B Very Good B+
C Good B
D Satisfactory C+
E Sufficient C
FX Fail F
F Fail F