Find resources and services

SFU supports their students throughout their entire graduate studies. This page helps you to find resources and services that are particuarly useful for international graduate students. 

Get some tips and tricks to benefit from SFU's resources for multilingual graduate students in our Quick Survival Guide. 

Connect with others before your arrival

Sign up for a maillist of your geographic region! 

Sometimes it is nice to share some questions or thoughts even before arriving at a new place. Or perhaps you can find a potential roommate. Or you can set up a meetup for the first days after your arrival to explore SFU and Vancouver together.

Send an email to to join the mailing list.

International Graduate Student Directory

As an international graduate student, there are so many things to consider. Study permits, health insurance, and for which scholarships and awards am I eligible? Find what you are looking for and whom to ask your questions with this directory.

Study Permit

Learn about the documents you need and how to apply for/extend your study permit.

Medical Health Insurance

Read about the medical system and how to obtain appropriate coverage.

Canadian Tax & Social Insurance Number

Review how Canadian tax works and how to apply for a SIN. Join our annual tax workshop.

Bringing Family

Obtain immigration documents for your family and find support.

Join our Facebook group and events.

Still have questions? 

Speak to an international advisor at International Services for Students (ISS).


Learn about housing and tenancy law in B.C., as well as on-campus and off-campus options.

Still have questions?

For on-campus housing, contact Residence & Housing.

English as Additional Language Support

Find one of the many support resources on campus and join the English Conversation Group "Lunch 'n Chat"

Still have questions?

Contact the International Graduate Student Coordinator at Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Awards & Scholarships

Learn about your options.

Still have questions?

Contact the Awards team at Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Still have questions?

Speak with Sarah, our International Graduate Student Coordinator at Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. 

Succeed in English

Hundreds of SFU graduate students are multilingual speakers with a native language other than English, or have just begun their experience in a new (academic) culture. We have compiled a list of professional development resources at SFU that will help you become a competent actor in a multicultural and multilingual environment.



TA/TM Work

Multicultural Life