Engineering Science Postings

These postings are updated by SFU's departments. Applicants should make sure that they can meet the departments' requirements and application deadlines. Please apply directly to the department where the job posting is located. Please check your department's job posting website as well.

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Application deadline for sessional postings for Fall 2018:  Sunday, July 22,  2018

Application deadline for Engineering Science TA postings for Fall 2018: Monday, July 09, 2018

Course # Location Closing Date TA/TM/Sessional (BUs if available) Posting
ENSC 100W Engineering, Science, and Society
Burnaby July 09, 2018




ENSC 105W Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres 
Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC105W.pdf
ENSC 120 Introdution to Electronics Laboratory Instruments Operation and Measurement 
July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC120.pdf
ENSC 204 Graphical Communication for Engineering  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC204.pdf
ENSC 220 Electrical Circuits I 
Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC220.pdf
ENSC 251 Software Desgin and Analysis for Engineers  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC251.pdf
ENSC 252 Fundamental of Digital Logic and Design 
Burnaby July 09,  2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC252.pdf
ENSC 316 Introduction to Electrodynamics for Engineers  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC316.pdf
ENSC 324 Electronic Devices  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC324.pdf
ENSC 351 Embedded and Real Time System Software 
Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC351.pdf
ENSC 380 Linear Systems  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC380.pdf
ENSC 385 Statics sand Strength of Materials  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA
ENSC 424 Multimedia Communications Engineering  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC424.pdf
ENSC 440 Capstone B 
Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC440.pdf
ENSC 477 Biomedical Image Acquisition 
Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC477.pdf
ENSC CO-OP  Burnaby July 09, 2018 TA  JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC_Coop.pdf
March 18, 2016
March 13, 2017
March 13, 2017
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November 7, 2017
March 12, 2018

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