Virtual Orientation

Please use this section to get settled, find support and take advantage of university services. 

Get engaged with your community

There are many ways for graduate students to become engaged with their communities and make new friends. You don't have to stay within your department — in fact, it's often a good idea to make friends outside your discipline to get new perspectives.

  • Your graduate caucus
    Getting involved with your departmental graduate student caucus will help you meet fellow graduate students and build your personal campus network. The Graduate Student Society has a list of SFU's graduate caucuses.
  • Graduate Student Society (GSS)
    The Graduate Student Society is often recruiting for volunteers and holding special events such as game nights and other social activities.
  • Online groups
    There is a very active Facebook group for current graduate students and all members are invited to post their questions or events. As well:
  • Intramural sports
    Intramurals offers the opportunity to play organized sports on campus. Registration happens during the second week of classes at the SFU Intramurals office.
  • Campus clubs
    There are hundreds of student clubs at SFU. The main list of clubs is maintained by the SFU Student Society.
  • Constituency groups
    The Women's Centre and Out On Campus - LGBTQ+ Centre are both located on the Burnaby campus in the Rotunda (between the gym and the Maggie Benston Centre).
  • CJSF Radio
    The student radio station is always looking for volunteers, not only to host shows but also to go to movies and shows and review them. It's also a good way to practice your public speaking skills.
  • Interfaith Centre
    Staffed by professionals from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths, the Centre offers SFU students a place for spiritual development and worship. Mass and Jumma Prayer are held regularly on campus. For information, visit the Interfaith Centre website.
  • SFU Student Ambassadors
    Sometimes it's easier to meet people by volunteering at various opportunities or events. SFU's Student Ambassador Program lets you sign up for short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities.