Employment Benefits

Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan 

There are two categories of PDF, which determine what benefits they are eligible for and/or which employment deductions they will receive. 

Grant PDF is treated as an employee of the supervising faculty member. Therefore, their employment is governed by the Employment Standards Act of B.C. A grant PDF's income is subject to Employment Insurance (EI) and Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) deductions. Income tax is also deducted.

An External PDF is treated as an independant scholar not in an employment relationship with their supervising faculty member or the university.  An external PDF is not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) or Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), and the payroll office needs to be alerted to this at the point of set up. The Letters of Appointment/Invitation are vital as these letters explicitly state the category of PDF and what benefits they are eligible for. Income tax is deducted for all PDF's regardless of category.

Health Benefits

Heath Benefits including basic health coverage (MSP), extended health coverage, and dental coverage are currently available only to eligible Grant PDFs. These are not guaranteed but provided on a case-by-case basis. 

To find out if you are able to access these benefits, please contact your supervising faculty member or consult your appointment letter.

For more information about the basic health and/or extended coverage plans available to Grant PDFs (if stated in your appointment letter), please see the Human Resources page for Research Assistants.

See alsoBecoming an international/US postdoctoral fellow if you have questions about medical insurance in Canada.