Postdoctoral Funding and Fellowships

This page lists some of the Postdoctoral Fellowships currently open at Simon Fraser University and other institutes. Others are listed on the departments' websites or on faculty members' websites.

If you are an SFU faculty or staff member who would like to list a postdoctoral position on this page, see the postdoc posting form.

Postdoctoral Fellowships through SFU:

Postdoctoral Fellowship Funding Agencies:

Sites Listing Current Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities 

Research Grants for Postdoctoral Fellows
PDFs are eligible to apply for research grants only if they receive special approval from the Vice-President, Research. For more information about this process and the qualifying circumstances please see the grant eligibility form. Note: this process should be initiated well in advance of Office of Research Services deadlines. See this link for the Office of Research Services' complete list of research grants.

SFU Private Awards for Postdoctoral Fellows

Barbara and James Bennet Travel Award for Postdoctoral Fellows in Chemistry