Heesoon Bai


Professor Heesoon Bai is an educational philosopher who teaches and researches in philosophy of education, ecological education, contemplative education, and ethics and moral education. In 2014, she established, with her colleague, Dr. Laurie Anderson, Canada's first contemplative education graduate program. Her published books include: Fields of Green: Restorying Culture, Environment, Education (2009); Speaking of Teaching: Inclinations, Inspirations, and Innerworkings (2012); Speaking of Learning: Recollections, Revelations, and Realizations (2014); Contemplative Learning and Inquiry Across Disciplines (2014); The Intersubjective Turn in Contemplative Education: Shared Approaches for Contemplative Learning & Inquiry Across Disciplines (forthcoming). Currently, she is co-editing a volume, with her doctoral student, David Chang, Ecological Virtues, through University of Regina Press. She received a Dean of Graduate Studies Supervision Award (2015), and previously she received Simon Fraser’s University Excellence in Teaching Award, and Canadian Society for the Studies in Education Graduate Student Mentorship Award. You can find Professor Bai’s published works here: http://summit.sfu.ca/collection/204