Coro Strandberg


Coro is an influential sustainability strategist and thought leader. She works with businesses, governments and industry associations to create strategies and pursue business models to address social and environmental risks and opportunities and advance a sustainable future. She is an expert in integrating sustainability in finance, human resources, risk management and procurement and developing social and inclusive sustainability strategies. Coro has a tri-sector background in business, government and non-profit leadership working in social, environmental and financial roles. As Director and Chair of Vancity Credit Union in the 1990s, Coro helped position Vancity to become a leader in values-based banking. Past roles include Director of Social Policy for the BC Government and Social Planner for the City of Surrey. She regularly publishes research and tools on sustainability and corporate social responsibility at Coro was named the top CSR consultant in 2015 by Canada’s Clean50 for her sustainability impacts.