Creating space for transformative conversations


“Expertise with a focus on solutions.” —Julia Langer, CEO, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

In an increasingly polarized world, the SFU Centre for Dialogue creates opportunities for constructive engagement and solutions-oriented outcomes.

Difficult topics. Contested facts. The wrong people in the room. Even the best organizations get stuck on the issues that matter the most.

That’s why governments, non-profits and busi­nesses actively seek out the SFU Centre for Dialogue’s innovative methods in public engagement, facilita­tion and process design. We add value to these clients through our status as a trusted facilitator and our reputation as a values-based social enterprise motivated by the public good.

Services include:

  • Convening and facilitating transformational conversations with targeted populations
  • Supporting citizens and governments in shared decision-making
  • Multi-stakeholder problem solving and strategy development
  • Online engagement and consultation
  • Research and discussion materials
  • Training and building the capacity of public and private sector teams to engage meaningfully with their constituents, clients and communities

To learn more about how the SFU Centre for Dialogue can assist your organization, contact us for a free consultation.

Our team of senior professionals offer deep subject expertise in the following programming areas:


Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT)

Identifying opportunities for sustainable adaptation to climate change.


Carbon Talks

Convening multi-stakeholder dialogues for public and private sector clients to support the transition to the low-carbon economy in Canada.

Civic Engage

Helping government to engage citizens for productive and collaborative policy decisions.

Clean Energy Canada

Accelerating our nation’s transition to a clean and renewable energy system.

Diversity & Innovation

Helping institutions and their teams innovate by unlocking the value of their cognitive diversity.

Renewable Cities

Supporting international cities to adopt ambitious renewable energy targets through dialogue processes.

SFU Public Square

Designing innovative, impactful and inclusive programming that fosters effective engagement and mobilizes action.