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Peace & Security

International Security

International peace and security through diplomacy and conflict prevention

International Security is an initiative aimed at promoting international peace and security through creative diplomacy and conflict prevention. The project is directed by Fellow Paul Meyer, a former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament and a veteran career diplomat.

This Centre for Dialogue project focuses on unresolved issues that pose threats to contemporary international security, such as tensions within the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime, as well as addressing the emerging international security issues of outer space security and cyber security. It is crucial to develop agreements and other forms of international cooperation in these new environments in order to sustain the great benefits for humanity that stem from their peaceful use and to preclude them becoming weaponized and transformed into battlegrounds as has occurred with other domains.

Through writings, presentations at selected conferences and other forms of advocacy the international security project hopes to influence thinking within official circles and civil society alike in favour of cooperative solutions to current and future security challenges.

An educational component of the project is represented through Paul’s graduate course on multilateral diplomacy offered by SFU’s School for International Studies. The International Security project is generously supported by The Simons Foundation.

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Peace and Disarmament

Peace and human security through disarmament and international law

Peace and Disarmament is an educational initiative of The Simons Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Allen Simons, Senior Fellow at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue.

The Simons Foundation is committed to advancing positive change through education in peace, disarmament, international law and human security. It works to foster a greater understanding of key global barriers to peace and to engage with key parties, including educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and multilateral institutions on a common agenda.

Since 1985, The Simons Foundation has promoted disarmament education and has initiated, encouraged and participated in research, dissemination of knowledge in the issues of nuclear disarmament, space security, Arctic Security and the prevention of genocide.

The threat of intentional or accidental use of nuclear weapons, the potential arms race in the environmentally sensitive Arctic, the weaponization of space and the mass killings of civilians in wars and threats of genocide are grave challenges to peace and security today. Education for their prevention is the current primary focus of The Simons Foundation.

The Simons Foundation initiates and participates in major worldwide peace projects, convenes global leaders for high level strategic and policy dialogues, sponsors relevant academic research through fellowships and chairs, and acts as a convenor of academic and public events on policy driven issues.

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