Creating space for transformative conversations

Urban Sustainability

Recognizing that 80% of Canada’s population lives in cities, the Centre for Dialogue works locally, nationally and internationally to support cities in meeting the needs of current and future generations. The Centre serves as a convener, consultant and partner in dialogue and engagement initiatives exploring urban issues, such as Transport 2040, Renewable Cities and CrossroadCity.

CrossroadCity is a strategic, non-partisan initiative dedicated to supporting and enhancing the vision of Metro Vancouver’s vision to be an inclusive, healthy, prosperous and liveable region. The project supports student research on regional issues, a series of podcasts exploring issues of youth in Metro Vancouver and a documentary on the history of the region.

In July 2016, the Centre for Dialogue co-hosted a gathering of senior city thought leaders in Wakefield, Quebec, including the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and his senior staff, to consider a New Cities’ Agenda for Canada.

This generative session created a number of concrete recommendations, including developing comprehensive and comparable data on cities, the need to explore tripartite relationships in delivering much-needed infrastructure to urban areas, and the potential of creating a smart cities challenge to drive innovation and collaboration