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Dave Meslin on Voting Reform in Vancouver

September 23, 2013

The Vancouver Sun has published an op-ed by former SFU guest Dave Meslin, in follow-up to the spring 2013 Bruce and Lis Welch Community Dialogue. Meslin’s article, co-written with Shoni Field, launches a campaign for ranked ballots and proportional representation in City of Vancouver elections:

“In the 2009 referendum, many prominent Canadians endorsed the proposal for STV. From Preston Manning to Naomi Klein, community leaders from all political stripes stepped forward to support proportional representation. But the loudest endorsement, and the most eloquent, was from a Vancouver radio host. She went on the air and delivered a fierce condemnation of our current voting system, offering her full and unconditional support for the Single Transferable Vote. Her name was Christy Clark.”

Meslin’s 2013 Bruce and Lis Welch Community Dialogue focussed on the subject, “Building a Culture of Participation.” His visit to Vancouver included a Centre for Dialogue-organized meeting with the Vancouver Sun’s editorial board, a public lecture, and a workshop in partnership with SFU Public Square and the City of Vancouver. The workshop brought together community members and City representatives to discuss further empowering citizens in city decision-making. While a guest of the Centre for Dialogue, Meslin also recorded a series of short videos about civic engagement, dialogue and voting reform, the last of which is now cited on Meslin’s voting reform website,

Read Meslin’s full opinion piece: A Chance for Change in Vancouver.