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Adapting to Climate Change Means Investing in the Right Infrastructure

February 16, 2016

The following excerpt from the Huffington Post features conclusions from ACT's June 2015 Paying for Urban Infrastructure Adaptation report:

"We know that climate change will continue to have major impacts on Canadian infrastructure, which is already aging and in need of re-investment. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities‎ estimates the current municipal infrastructure deficit to be around $200 billion.

Moreover, we will soon see a wave of new, renewable energy infrastructure being put into place across the country, and it is essential that these innovative developments be implemented with resilience to climate change impacts in mind.

It's important to realize that, while climate change impacts can be costly, they can also drive opportunities. Fortunately, all levels of government are already recognizing the benefits of investing in infrastructure, and that doing so can help improve health and productivity, boost economic activity, and support the transition to a lower-carbon economy."

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